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Top 8 Landscape Lighting Ideas with LED Neon Flex

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Outdoor LED flex light strips are becoming increasingly popular due to customizability and versatile installations. Despite different lighting requirements for different outdoor locations and spaces, LED flex linear lights can still fit many occasions in your garden or backyard thanks to its adaptability and custom fit. Here is a list of landscape lighting ideas you can try to elevate your landscape design.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting, also known as bollard lighting is usually seen in exterior lighting for landscape. Typically, you will find round or square style post lighting fixtures flanking the lane in a garden, projecting light horizontally and/or downward. Depending on how long the lane extends, you will need purchase multiple bollard lights and plan the layout strategically to achieve even light distribution.

Unlike traditional pathway lights, CLEAR landscape led flex lights runs along the shape or the design of the pathway to enhance the aesthetics in the garden while providing safety for walkers at night.

Stair Lighting

Outdoor step lighting an important addition that add both safety and style because the stairway can be hard to see and difficult to navigate in the evening. Adding outdoor lighting will provide illumination and a touch of elegance to any property.
There are many ways to light up stairs, the most common of which is to install the flex lights under each step without revealing the light fixture. This indirect lighting below the treads cast wonderful shadows, creating a glorious pathway between floors. Recessed installation is also recommended for a neat and graceful lighting design. You can click here to find more about staircase lighting.

Trees Lighting

Compared to outdoor uplights, LED flex lights might not be the best to light up trees or plants directly but they excel at emphasizing the layout of the floral or vegetation area and is conducive to drawing attention to the target in darkness.

Under Bench Lighting

A sitting bench can come in various shapes, forms or length. What makes flex linear lights beat other types of lights is that they can outline the linear or curved nature of the bench continuously, contributing to creating depth and defining the area surrounding the bench. Installation under the bench conceals the fixture but provides ample light for a path or focal point while protecting fixtures from potential damage from children or pets.

Driveway Lighting

LED flex lights are the best choice to brighten up your driveway creatively. Thanks to flexibility and length, you can use LuxpaveTM in ground lights to illuminate the entrance all the way leading to your garage. The in ground flex lights are flush with the concrete ground and built to be walked over or driven over, sparing worries about breaking up.

This type of continuous driveway lighting increases safety and adds extra security to deter trespassers. In the meantime, it helps you create the perfect conditions for welcoming guests to your home.

Pond & Fountain Lighting

Lighting up the water feature should enhance the feeling of serenity and make the area safer after dusk. Since it is a pond, submersible fixtures are preferred. AquagloTM LED neon flex lights are totally submerged and does a great job of highlighting the outline of the pond or basin of the fountain. When you place the flex lights on the wall of the pond, you have the light spread to the center of the water evenly without producing any glare. The gentle lighting dances with the rippling water, creating a soothing focal point for pedestrians and visitors.


LED linear flex lights can make a difference almost in any landscape lighting scenario including your outdoor kitchen and firepit. Depending on you need, you can use high CRI LED flex lights to bring out plants and flowers their true colors, or add a dimmer to the lighting system in order to contribute to the desired ambiance for a party, gathering or event in your backyard. With CLEAR Landscape Flex, you can highlight whatever outdoor element you’d like and set your desired mood for the place. Contact us if you want to find out more about our Landscape Flex offerings.


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