12V Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
Light Up Your Yard Safely & Stylishly


Wrapped in silicone armor, these DC12V/24V Low Voltage Flexible Linear Landscape Lights thrive outdoors. Maintenance is an afterthought as these lights stand guard, impervious to rain, UV rays, and the tiniest grains of dust.

Much like a painter’s brush caressing a canvas, these lights weave tales of color and radiance across your landscape with RGB colors and adjustable intensity.

Your garden, a canvas; these lights, your brush. Ready to transform your landscape? Your adventure begins here.


Safe & Simple to Install

Low voltage landscape lights carry no electric shock risk, with wires be directly buried in shallow trenches.

Personalized Color Options

A variety of RGB light colors are available to choose from. Or you can use a dimmer to set your desired color-changing effects and create a festive atmosphere for special events.

Energy Efficient

50,000 hours lifespan combines with low power consumption to reduce electricity bills.

Highly Adaptable

Compactness and flexibility allow you to bend lights into various shapes. One single light strip can run continuously, perfect for outlining yards or gardens. The IP68 rating guarantees excellent performance in wet environments indoors and outdoors.

Mounting Profile