If we can’t do it, we shall say no!
If we make a promise, we will carry it out!

Our Brand

Being a trustworthy and respectable company for the clients, suppliers, and employees.

The core values of Clear Lighting are Hearts and Crafts. “Hearts” reflects our desire to listen and help our customers to achieve their business goals. “Crafts” signifies our dedication to technical innovation and perfection.

Strive to build up a best-in-class brand in the LED flex linear industry.

Creative Spirit for Product Innovation
Active Listening Quick Response
LED Flex Linear Lighting Expert
A Focus on Advanced Technology
The Reliable Commercial Partner You Can Count On

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Our Company

Never cease to push the boundary of what is possible for LED flex linear lights.

Established in 2000, Clear Lighting Co., Ltd specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative LED flex linear lights with an industrial park of 30,000 square meters in Huizhou and a Marketing & Sales Center in Shenzhen.

Our products meet international safety standards CE, UL, ETL, CE, BIS, etc. With a growing portfolio of more than 90 patents granted in Europe and Asia-pacific regions, we are committed to offering our clients innovative products with proprietary technologies and manufacturing solutions for custom-fit environments.

Our Project

Adapt to the most challenging environments from design to installation.

The value of our products is multifaceted when performing in the projects, a combination of functionality, aesthetics, eco-friendliness, and durability, to delight users both in maintenance and visual comfort by state-of-art technology.

The successful delivery of each project can’t depart from the support of a creative and professional team, including know-how, as well as dedicated services. Know-how allows us to provide optimum custom-fit solutions with maximum adaptation on site, and dedicated services offer prospective insight from design to installation and secure the landing of a project on time.

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  • 2000 Established in Shenzhen
  • 2001 Obtained Invention Patent of Firework Light
  • 2002 ISO9001 Authenticated
  • 2003 The 1st Time Participated in Christmas Lighting Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2004 The 1st Time Participated in Light & Building in Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2005 Bought in SMT Machine in Production Line
  • 2006 Obtained Invention Patent in Germany
  • 2007 Bought in Photometric Integrating Sphere
  • 2008 Became Authorized Supplier of Festival Lighting Project in Spain
  • 2009 The 1st Time Participated in LFI Exhibition in NY, USA
  • 2010 Joint Developed LED Tube with OSRAM SYLVANIA
  • 2011 Started to Construct Clear Production Base in Huizhou
  • 2012 Concentrated on Overseas Market
  • 2013 “Clear Lighting” Trademark Registered in European Union
  • 2014 Explored Channel Management with Distinctive Regional Features
  • 2015 Established Customer Service Department
  • 2016 Held the 1st Session of Seminar in Hong Kong
  • 2017 Assigned Special-term Overseas Consultants
  • 2018 TUV Authorized and Certified Laboratory TM TM
  • 2019 “ClearTech™” and “Flexglo™” Trademarks Registered
  • 2020 Maintained A Tight Bond with Clients by Strategic Online Marketing