in ground lights for pathway or driveway

LED Ground Lights

Luxpave™ in-ground lights bridge the gap between aesthetics and robustness. Designed to resist the tests of time and weather, it’s not just about the light; it’s about instilling confidence in every step taken and every tire rolled across its surface.

The connection, much like a handshake, happens in series with premium quality UL-recognized waterproof connectors on the cable, ensuring that the rhythm of light remains unbroken, untouched by water. In addition, these lights stand strong against vandalism, UV rays, and corrosion.

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Drive-over Level

It offers you the utmost assurance with the static load up to 10000kg/Φ50mm area, at least 30+ times larger than the one it can bear when a sedan car passes by, proven by the lab test and long-term simulation tests. No damages or deformations will work on the LED driveway lights. 

Continuous & Seamless Illumination

A non-stop glow line is achievable by splicing standard in-ground lights infinitely, cable entry from side or bottom, and none of the dark spots is perceivable in the joint, even in a close-up view.

High Corrosion Resistant

Optional at the housing, made of the marine-grade 316L stainless steel, up to 3mm thickness for the environment requiring the high-corrosion or high-temperature resistance.

Reliable Watertightness

The waterproof ability is empowered inside as it has fully encapsulated LED strip integrated with IP68 injection-molded connector, connected rapidly in series with IP67 male and female connectors. It won’t be influenced by the air tightness of housing. Instead, it benefits from its drainage design at the bottom to avoid long-term water immersion.

Convenient Maintenance

The detachable structure enables the cleaning, troubleshooting, and other maintenance jobs on the inside LED strip very easily, preserving the mounting floor and recessed fittings safe and sound.


driveway path lighting in the parking lot
slim led recessed lighting in the square
colorful outdoor waterproof recessed lighting for fountains
outdoor path lighting outside a stadium
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