LED Flex Linear

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Unpacking Whitebox & Reel

Based on the structure and length of LED Flex Linear, the well-designed two types of standard packages are put to use to keep goods sound and safe during transportation.

From the moment you receive the product, every step forward comes along with our operating instructions to decrease unnecessary errors, not limited to this unpacking video.

Anti-wicking Ferrule

Have you made every effort to achieve waterproof for outdoor projects? We have a fool-proofing design to release your pressure from this.

Here’s the knowledge about anti-wicking ferrule including ClearTech DryWire & installation you should know before purchase.

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Cutting Tool

Uneven or inadequate cutting of LED flex linear will severely affect the sealing and waterproof performance supposed to be after connectors assembled.

To avoid issues, we’d recommend using our professional cutting tool, and two types are available to meet your demands on site.