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Top 5 Staircase Lighting Ideas with LED Linear Flex

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Designing lighting for staircases can be a challenging task because it requires a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Staircases can come in many forms including different sculptural shapes, textures, finishes, etc. LED linear flex lights seem like a good fit for stairs and handrails as they are very flexible and can adapt to different conditions indoor or outdoor. Here are 5 staircase lighting ideas where you can use LED linear flex to make a real difference for stairs.

Blending flex linear lights with your walls makes a bolder statement. For the ultimate dramatic effect, you can conceal LED flex lights on either side of the staircase to lead your way step by step up the stairs. CLEAR linear flex lights can run continuously, perfect for outlining the stair’s length.

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Below Individual Treads

Place the flex lights directly under each tread if you seek for more light without revealing the light source. This indirect lighting below the treads cast wonderful shadows under the stair case, creating a glorious pathway between floors. If you are dealing with open-riser steps, lights under treads transform the stairway into a glowing piece of art that is floating in the air.

Highlighting the Stair's Contour

If you don’t mind exposing the light source, try to mount the flex lights along the frame of the tread with the LEDs facing upward. The uplighting is glare-free and warm, great for creating ambiance. CLEAR provide slim led flex light for slim installations like this, and steel or aluminum profiles, depending on the type of look you prefer for your stairway.

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Underneath the Handrail

If there is a handrail involved, you can install below the rail so the light can light up the whole stairway and give the handrail a pleasant glow too. CLEAR LED flex lights come in variety of sizes and can perfectly fit handrails of various sizes. If you want to illuminate a stairway outdoor, we provide IP68 rated stair LED flex lights that is silicone encased for UV resistance. You can click here or the project image below to check out outdoor stairway lighting project.

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Embedded Inside the Handrail

Integrating LED flex lights with handrails is a great way to increase visibility and serve a decorative purpose. The embedded lights in the handrails give the stairway a sleek look. CLEAR provide customized profiles to integrate the lights with the handrails, wooden or metal made.

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CLEAR offers a wide array of LED linear flex designed for stairway lighting. These flex lights come in different sizes and go with profiles that fit different installation requirements. Wherever you want to install the lights in the stairway, we provide a complete staircase lighting solution that best suits your project condition. Let us know if you want to know more about our staircase led flex linear lights.


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