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What Explosion Proof LED Flex Light can Bring to Oil & Gas Industry

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Fire and explosion proof lights are in great demand in the oil and gas sector, where extremely flammable and explosive materials are often handled. The growing number of offshore oil and gas is predicted to fuel demand for fire and explosion proof lights, thrusting the global market. Lighting plays an important role in maximizing the safety and productivity of operation, and explosion proof lighting fixtures are surely a necessity for these hazardous locations. Oil and gas industries operate 24/7 with heavy pieces of machinery.

Types of Explosion-Proof Lights for Oils & Gas

There are 6 types of explosion-proof lights designed primarily for oil and gas industries for better safety and protection. These lights are sophisticated designed and are made robustly to prevent sparks from escaping the case and mixing with the flammable particles in the surrounding atmosphere. They have high-power and high lumen output in order to provide complete visibility for the hazardous locations to function smoothly.

6 types of explosion-proof lights

How Explosion-Proof LED Flex Light Fits in?

In 2019, Clear Lighting launched the world’s first ATEX, IECEx, ETL certified flexible strip light, SafeGloTM Ex flexible light. Unlike traditional explosion-proof lights with a thick, sturdy protective shell, this Ex proof led flex light is made of silicone extrusion, characterized by its softness and flexibility, able to adapt to different shapes according to the surface it is being applied to.

Safeglo™ Ex Proof Flex run up to 30m, powered from a single end, which is perfect to highlight the contour of the stairs and handrails of storage tanks, LNG ships, or illuminate complicated or confined places that are hard to reach for traditional linear lights and thus are usually dimly lit, such as gas pipeline grid, machine tending rooms, steering rooms, or tank trucks.

RGB colors options and dimming are available, helping to create a warning zone of light on dangerous work platforms or equipment to keep workers safe. From transporting, production, storage to processing and distribution, Safeglo™ Ex Proof Flex lights can fit neatly in various areas as accent lighting and general lighting, contributing to a supportive and safe workplace.

Proven Success in Mining

In 2011, Clear Lighting approached the mining market together with a partner in South Africa, and developed a customized strip light which can run a maximum of 200m, ideal for continuous illumination in underground mines. It was a revolutionary robust and reliable lighting solution, which now serves mines all around the world.

Safeglo™ Ex Proof Flex ensures safe use for Zones 1 / 2 (gases) areas such as chemical or petrochemical plants as well as Zones 21 / 22 (dusts) areas including food processing facilities. The flexible explosion proof led light strip has so much to offer across industries. Download the brochure to find out more.


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