Project Name
Mine in South Africa
South Africa
Mining Tunnel
Wall/Ground Lighting
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Note: XGlo is CLEAR’s global exclusive partner for the mining industry.

In a mining tunnel, South Africa, Flexglo™ F16 flexible LED lights are mounted to illuminate different sites. F16 LED light features visible hot spot LEDs, which allow for evenly and brightly-distributed lighting. 6500k color temperature enables the fixture to deliver daylight-like illumination of high radiance. This cool white light helps underground workers concentrate without feeling fatigued, which can be vital for enhanced underground safety.

The light fixtures are mounted on the ceiling or on the wire mesh, either of which provides great visibility for the pathway. To blend in the dark background in mining sites, black jackets are available.

One single light strip can run up to 60 meters and one meter light boasts of luminous efficiency up to 75lm/W, offering significant savings in energy consumption, maintenance requirements and replacement costs.

Thanks to flame resistance and waterproof nature, the Clear luminaires can stand up to challenging mining conditions which can be hot and humid. To further enhance the underground safety, the linear LED light strip has a built-in circuit protection for each LED, which ensures the entire array of LEDs will continue to function even if a single LED in the array doesn’t.


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