The heartbeat of Safeglo™ explosion proof lighting lies in its flexibility. Picture it as a seasoned acrobat, defying the laws of rigidity, effortlessly adapting to any environment with seamless ease.

Whether it’s a confined space or an expansive chamber, Safeglo™ knows how to dance gracefully and adapts to the complexities of any environment when paired with purpose-built accessories, keeping safety at the forefront of its performance.

Safeglo™, the LED flex explosion-proof light, is fully encapsulated in silicone. The protective shield from silicone extruded housing, insulates the light from any external ignition source

It has triumphed in 20 rigorous safety tests and obtained certifications, cementing its position as the ultimate choice for indoor and outdoor hazardous environments.

From petroleum and chemical facilities to mining, food processing, auto body shops, industrial facilities, workshops, gas stations, paint booths & more. Remember, safety is not just a destination – it’s a way of life.

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Flexible & Durable

Able to attach to a wall or beam, or fit nearly in
resesses or suspension. Perfect for hazardous conditions including coal mines, tunnels,
warehouses, etc.

The silicone housing is robust enough to withstand
more than 100kg tensile force without breaking.

Note: data above is obtained through destructive tension tests.

Run Up to 30 Meters

One single light strip can run up to 30m (98.4ft), ideal for long-range scenarios including tunnels and coal mines. 

Inherently Safe Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures

Flame-resistant and UV-resistant silicone fully wraps the LED light, isolating explosive gases and dust and minimizing the explosion risk.

24V low-voltage reduces risks of serious electric shock and ensures safety for outdoor lighting installations when exposed to rain and moisture.

High Luminous Efficacy
& Energy Efficiency

Built-in LED light source boasts a luminous efficiency up to 83lm/W per meter and a lifespan up to 50,000 hours, saving maintenance costs and frequent replacements.

underground led lights
RGB led lights for mining

Personalized Choice

RGB Color Options

Multiple color options are available including white, red, green, blue, amber or RGB colors. A variety of colors are free to choose from for different lighting needs in various areas. The light can double as a signal light, allowing mining workers to implement safety monitoring and instant warning.


colorful LED tunnel lights

Coal Mining

oil storage tank lighting


Industrial Lighting Fixtures for manufacturing shop floor


led laboratory lighting


LED Lighting for Oil Refineries

Power Plants


Injection-Moulded Connector

The liquid silicone injection-moulded integrated connector is watertight and IP67 rated, ensuring durable outdoor use without causing the casing to crack and eliminating short circuit risks caused by water ingress.

Suspension Kit

Ø Easy to assembly and disassembly

Ø Able to hold the object in place and withstand vibration
Ø Rust-resistant stainless steel
Ø Adjustable height 
Ø The hollow design under the light does not affect the light output

Stainless Steel Profile

Ø Quick Setup
Ø Highly adaptable to any mount surface or envionment 
Ø The strap and clip design helps secure the lighting fixture in place without sacrificing the light out

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