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Hot Spring Lighting Fixtures Recommendations

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Thermal/mineral springs was among the fastest-growing wellness sectors from 2017-2019, with revenues growing by 6.8% annually during this time period, according to Global Wellness Institute. Thermal/mineral springs establishments can be found in hotels, health resorts and sanatoria, themed waterparks and even private residence as hot tubs. Given the conditions of hot spring water, there are not many lighting fixtures especially made for thermal/mineral pools. Most of them are spotlights and well lights, which could compromise creativity in design and final look. This article will reveal some of the key challenges in the field and how CLEAR Hot Spring LED Flex Light can tackle these challenges and find success in this very niche market.

Key Challenges on Luminaires for Hot Spring/Thermal Pools

Spring waters might possess healing powers to your skin but the same can’t be said when it comes to the hot spring luminaire. The mineral content is so strong that the water is diluted before use in bathing therapies.

  • High concentration of microelements

Heated springs can hold more dissolved solids, meaning they can contain everything from calcium, magnesium, silica, lithium, to even radium. A multivitamin bath sounds great for the skin, but not so much for the submerged lighting fixtures. Dissolved Sulphur, an element that is frequently found in hot springs could still cause corrosion to the appearance of underwater lights from long-time immersion.

  • Heat Dissipation

Thermal water temperature is usually between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius or 98 and 104 Fahrenheit. And most light that are found in big thermal pools in hot spring resort, hotels or waterparks are in ground lights or well lights. Most of these pool lights are made from stainless steel or plastic material due to the low thermal conductivity. If poor structure design could lead to overheating the led chips, when they are working underwater, which leads to faster light decay.

  • Leakage

Well lights may look sturdy with the steel cover, but water could still get in. Loose screws, glass breaks and bad lens gasket are among the most common causes. When water ingress occurs, replacement by a professional is required.

How ThermGlo™ LED Neon Flex Can Help You Find Success in Hot Spring/Heated Pool Lighting

  • Thermal pools or hot spring pools are on the rise. Most in ground lights that are present in these pools or bathers have to rely on the deck light or road light nearby to get enough visibility. Thermglo Silicone Flexible LED Light exists to fill the void in the market.
  • Specifically Made for Hot Spring Water

The trickiest part about illuminating hot spring pools is the complex conditions, namely, the high temperature and high concentration of minerals. ThermGloTM Hot Springs LED Flex Light is silicone encased and boasts excellent waterproof structure and constant circuit design. All these make the light submersible safely and protractedly in mineral waters. To further ensure safe use underwater, numerous experiments have been conducted in CLEAR Labs including being soaked in mineral water that is up to 95oC and soaking tests in different waters.

The Thermal Mineral LED Flex conforms to UL676 Standard for Underwater Luminaires, so they can be submerged in hot spring water for a long time. Silicone, chemically stable in nature, withstands up to 45°C and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Unlock Freedom in Installation and Design

Thanks to two bending options and continuous running length, these lights can adapt to various shapes of pools and achieve an aesthetic look, making the pool a nighttime focus.

  • RGB color options

Lighting designers and architects use these fixtures to bring water to life with delightful colors and create a multicolored ambience for bathers. The hot spring resort or hotel owner can use these colorful lights for events or holidays, great for creating Instagram-worthy moments. Last but not least, you can change colors with a flip of a switch, having more control over a luxury thermal spa experience.

Hot Spring Lighting is part of a wider led flex lighting solution package for wellness industry. CLEAR also provides sauna lighting and steam room lighting.


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