Submersible LED Flex for Hot Springs (Onsen)
Soak your worries away in a relaxing glow


Hot Springs Flexible Light Strip is designed to be soaked in hot springs or onsen. The silicone encasing is stable in nature and less likely to have a chemical reaction with the microelements in the spring water, and can be submerged for a long time. The flexible light strips can adapt to various shapes or be embedded in the exterior of hot tubs to outline the shape.


Cracking Resistance

Onsen LED Light Strip is housed in silicone to better resist cracking, making it harder for trace elements to get into the light body and minimizing light failure.


The silicone extruded encasing and silicone injected connector enable IP68 waterproof rating. The light strip conforms to UL676 Standard for Underwater Luminaires.

Heat Resistance up to 45°C

The structure offers good thermal management and a constant current chip inside to avoid overheating.

3 Year Warranty

Provide you with a 3-year warranty to save your energy and costs on maintenance, guaranteed by premium quality of products.

Freedom in Design

As one of the few flexible light strips
designed for hot springs, these immersible and heat proof lights are available in two bending directions, allowing for more flexibility and adaptability to irregularly shaped hot springs, providing a uniform lighting scheme and personalized options

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