Crafted with the resilience of a zen master. Thermglo™ sauna lighting enchanting hues envelop you like a soothing embrace that instantly puts you at ease.

Just like the mighty oak tree that stands firm through the seasons, Thermglo™ is built to last with its humidity and heat-resistant design, ensuring a long-lasting luminous glow that soothes and caresses your senses.

From embracing the flexibility at your fingertips to effortlessly customizing the colors and brightness, you will revel in the ease of the lighting setup with minimal maintenance required. Your focus remains on finding your center, not fussing with fixtures.

Click here to elevate your sauna or steam room experience, where tranquility meets enchanting brilliance.

Sauna Lights



  • Safe & Reliable
  • Sauna Lights Series adopts built-in current control design to control temperature rise, no need extra protection shade against high temperature.
  • Versatile Installation
  • Indirect or direct lighting, horizontal or vertical bending.
  • Ready & Convenient for Installation
  • Factory-assembled connector, integrated to the light body by machine.
  • Standard or Bespoke Lengths
  • Max. 10m per piece and min. 55mm increment.
  • Ideal Lighting Continuity
  • Even multiple pieces of LED flex spliced.
  • Much Lower User & Maintenance Cost
  • Compared with traditional sauna light fixtures prevailing in light efficiency, lifespan, and accommodation.

Long-term Test

General Installation Location

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Installation Precaution

heat resistant led lights

1. Keep at least 80cm away from steam outlet or heat source area.

2. Do not place light in an enclosed space as air circulation needed.

3. Do not touch metal components directly to prevent burns.