Project Name
Sydney Hotel
Hotel; Wall/Ground Lighting
Products Info

Inside a hotel in Sydney, Flexglo™ F15 LED lights are employed for contour lighting indoors and outdoors. With vertical and horizontal bending options, F15 flexible lights gave the lighting designer freedom to get creative when handling complicated architectures like hotels with vastly different lighting demands.

The LED lights are mounted in the recess between the reception counter and the floor. Thanks to the incredible flexibility, bendability and running length, the light fixtures can fit neatly with the line of the counter, and most notably, integrate seamlessly with the arc corner. This not only makes the original structure of the counter to take center stage, but also gives expansiveness to the interior. Beyond that, the close-to-the-floor installation creates wall grazing lighting effect for the stone texture. 3000-kelvin color temperate gives out a warm white glow. The lighting intensity, on an aesthetic note, is of the perfect amount to establish a welcoming and hospitable statement for the entering guests and visitors.

Out in the swimming pool, F15 lights of much shorter length are mounted on the ridge of the staircases, helping to layer the lighting and create an ambient mood around the pool.




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