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Webinar Review-Full Colored LED Neon Flex Solutions

Last Updated on 1 year by meredith.wang

This webinar recap shows how you can customize your own colorful lights’ finish, by looking at the following:

1) Firstly, the application of neon with the custom color jacket

2) Secondly, The release of our new model, silicone full-color neon

3) Finally, demonstrate how to customize a colorful lights

Your custom-colored light can be in both PVC or silicone materials, which are available for full colorful jackets. This means you can select suitable products based on the installation environment and budget, as it has a better appearance with higher color saturation, along with a consistent illuminating color with the jacket color. In addition, its lumen output is higher, and the beam angle(50%) is up to 180 degrees. Compared to our PVC full-color neon the light intensity is wider and greater if it is for facade application, signage and so much more.

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