pool lighting with underwater LED linear lights

Flexibility is water’s secret weapon – it bends and sways, flowing effortlessly around any obstacle, and so does Aquaglo™ F22. Just like a river changes its course with ease.

This underwater light, Aquaglo™ F22 adapts effortlessly and navigates every surface shaping its path with an enchanting glow, including conquering depths of up to 5m, be it a fountain, water feature, or swimming pool.

The safety it brings, is like a reassuring lifeguard, with low voltage and minimal heat for both outdoor and indoor submersible environments, offering a secure haven for people to swim and play in. Aquaglo™ F22 creates a euphoric yet calming flow, beckoning you to become part of the aquatic euphoria.

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white led neon flex lights
UL676 Safety Approved

Underwater Lights are fully encapsulated in silicone and sealed by the injection-moulded connector with designated weather – resistant SJTW cable, complying with UL 676, one of the most stringent standards for Safety Underwater Luminaires and Accessories. 

Max.5m Depth

IP68 rated, permanently submersible for swimming pool, water features, fountain, and more in the depth up to 5m.

Up to 30m Running Length

A homogenous and soft light line is achievable up to 30m per piece. Optional in horizontal and vertical bending to accommodate the needs of installation.

5 Years Warranty

Provide you with a 5-year warranty to save your energy and costs on maintenance, guaranteed by premium quality of products.

Environmental Tests

Programmable Constant Temperature

and Humidity Chamber

IPX8 Water Immersion Tank

Salt Spray



Water Features | Fountains | Swimming Pools

Underwater Lights

vertical bending outdoor pool lights
horizontal bending inground pool lights

Products in other sizes are available as required


Mounting Profile

Mounting Profile for submersible fountain lights

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