Trimless Recessed Linear Lighting
Extend a well-fitted, well-finished, well-lit look from ceiling to wall.

Recessed LED Linear Lights with Wings

A well-fitted look of led flex linear saves you more room while adding a refreshing appeal.                                                                                            Trimless neon flex is the one that can help you enhance that, outweighing other flush mounting types no matter plaster-in channels or channels with the lens in the market. It has a pair of luminous “wings” to cover the gap of oversized slotting, and most importantly, the edges of mounting profiles “disappear” after the lights are fitted, delivering a sense of warmth to the space without the disturbing metallic element.                                                  Ideal for routing into wood, stone, or drywall as under cabinet lighting, built in ceiling lighting, recessed wall lighting, and soffit recessed lighting.


Neat Installation

Nothing can be noticed except the emitting surface in opal color after the installation in a close-up view. God is in the detail. This extraordinary recessed lighting enables you to create a more clutter-free living room than ever.

Perfect Fit

Unlike rigid recessed linear fixtures, it provides made-to-order lengths and undulating shapes that perfectly fit the mounting surface.

Widened Visual Effect

The “wings” of LED flex linear extend the luminous surface, distributing the brightness to more areas at an adequate size. It gives a new lease of life to the monotonic background.

IP67 Waterproof

Suitable for outdoor environments and also indoor use such as the bathrooms, kitchens and vanities where dampness or moisture are present.


      ▷IP67 Injection-moulded Connector

  Mounting Profile