The even and soft glow exempts the drivers or passers-by from any dangerous glare on the roadways, and the large-emitting surface ensures a sufficient viewing range. Other than the pure white functioning as task lighting, multiple light colors are available for the option of decorative lighting or signal lighting.


Benefiting from the bendability and compact size, it can either be applied to outline the sophisticated structure or highlight the delicate details even in a confined space.


It passed the 3G vibration test set forth by ANSI C136.31. The ClearTech PinBoost™, together with the solid structure, protects the internal electronic components of lights from the damage caused by harsh climatic conditions.

Energy Consumption

It is one kind of energy-saving and dimmable LED luminaire with luminous efficacy up to 85lm/w and a lifespan over 50000 hours, suitable for large-scale governmental projects where there’s great importance towards environmental care.

Water Tightness

The cracks won’t occur in the place where the light is sealed by the IP68 liquid silicone injection-molded connector when exposed to intense UV radiation. And no water ingress through the cable, thanks to the ClearTech DryWire™. Both secure the reliability of our products in stressful outdoor environments.


colorful bridge lighting in Australia
tunnel lighting in Indonesia
led bridge lighting in Australia
parking lot lights in Switzerland
blue bridge lighting for Glilot Bridge in Israel


Test Standard

ANSI C136.31-2018 covers the minimum vibration withstand capability and vibration test methods for roadway and area luminaires. It requires that the luminaire shall be capable of withstanding the described vibration for 100,000 cycles in each plane. If the luminaire is to be placed on a bridge or overpass, the luminaire system is to be tested at 3.0 G.

Test Result

After the 3G vibration test, the appearance and structure of the luminaire looks normal and has no signs of fatigue cracking or structural failure. The function of luminaire is normal.


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