Snap Connector Assembling

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Have you made every effort to achieve waterproof for outdoor projects? We have a fool-proofing design to release your pressure from this. Our friends at ghostwriter Deutschland have made short instructions on how you can quickly connect the device.

Step 1 Place PC cover as per the direction marked on its bottom.
Step 2 (Horizontal Bending) Insert the inducer into the BACKSIDE of PCB and move up and down to create a small cavity.
Step 2 (Vertical Bending) Insert the inducer into the BACKSIDE of PCB and move left and right to create a small cavity.
Step 3 (Horizontal Bending) Insert the end cap into the space the inducer created and keep 2~5mm apart from the assembly end when pushing forward.
Step 4 Unfold the anti-skidding clip about 20 degrees on both sides.
Step 6 Align the end cap and anti-skidding clip with the notches of U steel plate and press the end cap and light downwards at the same time till bottom.
Step 7 Slide back the PC cover until making a “click” sound.



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