Short Unit Cuttable LED Neon Flex
Get a Seamless Joint for Facade Lighting


As the facade lighting project evolves, so does your creation. Why wait for perfection when you can achieve it on the spot? Customization has never been easier. Imagine having the power to mold light itself, just like an artist shapes their canvas.

Flexglo™ LED neon flex light’s adjustability feature lets you fine-tune the light installation. On-site cutting ensures a perfect fit, like puzzle pieces coming together in harmony. No more worries about length mismatch!

Embrace a future where maintenance headaches vanish like morning mist! As the outdoor LED neon flex light requires minimal maintenance. Just like a timeless melody, Flexglo™ LED lights have an incredible lifespan to endure the test of time.

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You can cut the flex light as you like to the same length as the on-site project needs, decreasing replacement and maintenance costs.

Designed for Outdoors

High-performance silicone boasts great UV and wind resistance and withstands high/low temperature shocks ranging from -40~55°C, which is great for exterior lighting of towers and buildings. The IP68-rated neon flex light is durable and reliable in outdoor conditions and offers a long service life. Dimming/size/bending direction/light color options are available for different facades and installations.

Seamless Linear Lighting

The cuttable led neon flex comes with silicone injection moulded connectors with different outlet options, helping produce seamless linear lighting. Even if one bead fails to work, the entire light can still work because of circuit protection.

5 Year Warranty

Provide you with a 5-year warranty to save your energy and costs on maintenance, guaranteed by premium quality of products.



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