Project Name
YOHO Mix Yuen Long
Hong Kong
Shopping Mall; Façade Lighting
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Credit@ Maxgrand

YOHO MIX, a newly developed shopping center in New Territories, Hong Kong, is set to become the largest retail and entertainment center in the area, combining. To highlight this trendy architecture, designers have carefully created a vibrant and creative space. The exterior of YOHO MIX adopts a modern geometric design, showcasing a stylish and avant-garde style, with LED light strips being the ideal choice. It is worth mentioning that for most of the project, RGBW smart LED light strips are used in conjunction with DMX (used for controlling lighting effects), allowing individual control of each part of the light strip. With compatible controllers, countless color transitions or animated effects can be achieved.

With the integration of DMX, the light strips can showcase interactive effects of different colors and rhythms on the exterior walls, creating a dazzling and mesmerizing fantasy landscape, as if immersed in a light show. Furthermore, the light strips use high-quality silicone materials, offering excellent waterproof and UV resistance performance, and they have an IP68 protection rating, perfectly adapting to harsh outdoor environments.

Furthermore, to enrich the lighting effects on the exterior walls, customized spotlights with DMX have even been implemented, creating a flickering star-like effect. The entire space exudes vibrant energy and charm at night, becoming a new landmark in the surrounding area.


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