Project Name
Lululemon Brea
Retail/Store; Cove/Ceiling Lighting
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Lululemon is one of the world’s most sought after luxury leisurewear brands. When it comes to design a Lululemon store, the interior designers have to ensure that the customers experience the luxury and sophistication associated with the brand. Flexglo™ F21 LED lights was selected as part of the lighting project for Brea lululemon shop thanks to its ability to deliver class and functionality.

F21 LED lights function as the main ceiling lighting that is facing the front gate. Inspired by the linear and flexible nature of the light, the designer created a circular lighting fixture with layers of curved light lines. This creative luminous fixture overhead combines with other lights to illuminate the room with natural, uniform light, infusing a modern character into the space.

The light color of 4000 Kelvin was chosen for high luminance levels and a homogeneous light. The installation is so appealing from a decorative point of view that even people passing across the glass door will be drawn by its striking presence.



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