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LaLaport BBCC
Shopping Mall
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F22B, F22A
I am proud to share the story of our successful lighting design project for the Lalaport Mall. Our team was tasked with creating a lighting design following with Lighting consultant specification that would enhance the ambiance of the mall and create an unforgettable experience for shoppers.

Our team started by carefully analyzing the layout of the mall and the needs of the client. We decided to use two types of neon lights to create a unique and compelling design. The first type of neon light was RGB, which was designed to attract customer attention at the center of the mall for event exhibitions and activities. This design was flexible and creative, allowing us to match it to different types of occasions and events. To achieve this, we used a programmable system with neon LED strips to bring out the flexibility and durability of the design.

One of the keys to our success with this project was our ability to synchronize the two circles at each end of the mall and program the light changes at different times across the 3 different layers. This added a dynamic and engaging element to the design, drawing in customers and creating an unforgettable experience.

The second successful lighting design we implemented was a single color warm light. This design was created to bring out the Japanese sense of luxury and comfort, providing customers with a high-end and indulgent experience. The warm and inviting atmosphere that this lighting design created was a huge success, and it perfectly complemented the luxury and high-end stores that are located within the mall.

Overall, our lighting design project for the BBCC Lalaport Mall was a tremendous success. Our team was able to create a unique and compelling lighting experience that enhanced the ambiance of the mall and made it a truly unforgettable destination for shoppers. We are confident that our creative and innovative approach to lighting design will continue to win us recognition as one of the best lighting design companies around the world.

LaLaport BBCC


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