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Lahan Select Gyeongju
Façade Lighting
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Lighting Design: EON SLD

Lahan Select Gyeongju is a huge hotel located at the waterfront with a significant lake view. At the gate and side pavement, Danpalon canopy and Neon light strips are used for lighting design; various elements of light are provided to the guests. Danpalon, a special PC material with honeycomb shapes and thick multiple layers, provides a unique light diffusion effect and has excellent impact resistance.

Clear Lighting neon strips, with a high stylish appearance, no light spots and uniform light emission, are easy to be shaped into different shapes, making them great for architectural features and sculptures. The designers used a U-shaped, flexible Danpalon canopy to emphasize the curved shape of the traditional Korean pagoda.

Also, Clear Lighting’s Neon strip is in line with the flexible curve of the ceiling, which has a uniform and soft, light color without spots, and the stretchy light body is a perfect fit for the wavy design. The lighting design reveals the shape through light and creates a water wave aesthetic that matches the design of a wave-shaped building

The overall plan was for a low color temperature of 2700K. The color temperature of 2700K from the Neon strips through the white-colored Danpalon canopy looks even more attractive, with the classy light matching the surrounding night scene.


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