Project Name
Ho Shun Fook Shopping Centre
Hong Kong
Façade Lighting
Products Info

Ho Shun Fook shopping centre is a famous local shopping mall in Yeun Long over 30 years. Now refurbished into ‘Shun Fook Barn’. ‘Shun Fook Barn’ Combined with the local cultural style of Yuen Long, it presents the body, mind and soul healing food for different aspects of life in a pleasant, fresh and connected way, highlighting the group’s triple baseline of balancing people, prosperity and environmental development, and connecting with the community to serve the residents of Yuen Long A new gathering point that brings a new look and creates a leisurely and high-quality life.
On of the difficulty in the project is measurment and custom length for eaah area and section. Although the order schdule is tight, Clear lighting help us in CAD drawing measurment and well packaging. The project run very smooth and delivery to client on time.


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Tel: 86-0755-86114338
Add: #901, Block B (south area), Zhuoyue Meilin Centre Plaza, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

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Add: CLEAR Industrial Park, Tiantou Village, Shatian Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou, China

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