Project Name
Contour Lighting
Products Info
C-FR-F21B Blue

Bijdevaate Verzekeringen is an established insurance company in the Netherlands. Flexible FlexgloTM F21 light strips are installed discreetly above the ground floor windows to highlight the simple structural design of the building. The installation makes the light practically invisible during the day. The lights give uninterrupted smooth linear illumination around the architecture without leaving any blind spots. On top of that, the light resists water, flame and UV, sparing maintenance for the client.

The domed lighting surface offers a wide beam angle up to 160˚, spreading the light out wider and flooding the road down. No matter what viewing angle you are looking, you always get a balanced radiance. The single blue color was chosen to match the appearance and identity of Bijdevaate brand.

The evenly distributed blue lighting blends well with the bright road lights nearby, adding an eye-catching decoration to the venue and elevating the ambiance around when the evening nears.


Email: [email protected]

Tel: 86-0755-86114338
Add: #901, Block B (south area), Zhuoyue Meilin Centre Plaza, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

Tel: 86-0752-3911602
Add: CLEAR Industrial Park, Tiantou Village, Shatian Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou, China

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