Tailor-Made Marine LED Strips
Double the comfort on board like the ocean breeze

Marine LED Strip Lights

Flexglo™ F23, thanks to its low profile and flexibility, is a perfect fit for the sleek and compact design of luminaries in the marine application. Whether you’re looking for gunnel lights, boat deck lights to brighten the exterior layout, or accent lights to spruce up the inside curved elements, to name a few, like the corridor, engine room, and cabins, you can expect extraordinary results for the marine lighting design.

In addition to the visual comfort, this marine LED strip with homogeneous illumination enables additional spatial effects and a luxurious atmosphere for any place it be installed. Cruising to the ocean can now be done with state of the art scene set for a fun adventure.


Salt Water Resistant

Proven by stringent salt spray tests, the silicone encapsulated
cruise light and anodized aluminum profiles can handle exposure to salt water. Also, both have survived the test of time in actual marine lighting projects.

Homogeneous Illumination

None of the obtrusive light or breaks can be detected throughout the illuminated area as this IP67-rated neon flex offers homogeneous light distribution. No matter where you go, it will feel like you are under the natural daylight.

Made to Order

Available in made-to-order lengths and colors to offer a highly engaging personalized experience for each recreational boat or superyacht.

Easy to Install

Its slim size and two kinds of bending directions allow it to fit neatly into almost any corner, whether hidden under the gunnel or recessed in the stairs. The limitation on installation is much less than other types of luminaires.


Mounting Profile