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How to Make LED Neon Flex Lights Run Longer

Last Updated on 7 months by meredith.wang

The continuous run length of LED neon flex lights plays a big role for lighting design. But it’s not always easy to increase the length as there are many factors at play when it comes to the technical side. The dimension of flexible PCBs, the operating current and allowed carrying capacity are where you should focus on.
The following will take a deep dive of how to make longer run for led flexible lights in the following aspects:

Improve Current-Carrying Capacity

Without changing the current section dimension, try the following to improve current-carrying capacity:
1) Increase the FPCB thickness to 1+1oz, 1+2oz and 1+3oz.
2) Add one extra copper belt or make the copper foil thicker. Note that too thick a copper foil might limit the flexibility of the final LED flex light. CLEAR Lighting’s TwinFlex™ technology integrates FPCB with copper belt to improve the current carrying capacity and allow the strip light to run longer.

Reduce Power

1) Cut down the quantity of LED lights per meter.
2) Without changing the light quantity, decrease the carrying current for per meter of the light.
These methods are cautiously advised as luminous flux and power is almost directly proportional. Too little power won’t guarantee your desired even illumination while too much power generates excessive heat and compromises light efficiency.

Use constant current flexible light series

Constant Current LED Flexible Light is designed for long-run projects. These lights offer you a continuous run without compromising the brightness from end to end.

Increase the wire gauge size

The thicker cable helps enhance the carrying capacity for the main wire on the FPCBs.

Wider Section for Neon Light

A wider section area of the neon light might need a wider copper foil for the FPCB wire.

Double End Feed

It is advised to position the power supply in the middle of a single light or multiple lines in daisy chain to ensure the brightness from both ends consistent.

Increase the rated voltage

Most products operates at a voltage of 24V, you can customize other voltages. When you double the voltage while keeping the wattage and LED intensity the same, the cutting unit and max run length will double too.


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