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How Three Side Emitting LED Neon Flex Empowers Light Installations

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Light is becoming an exciting element in art, with new forms like light installations and light sculptures springing up in art festivals and displays. With an abundance of options to choose from, artists and designers are integrating a variety of lighting products to create remarkable lighting installations and experiences. The led flexible lights with translucent LED diffusers can live up to different lighting and visual tasks. In particular, LED neon flex lights are winning hearts due to their flexibility.

What is three side emitting LED neon light?

As the name indicates, this triple side neon flex illuminates light from three sides, giving you a spectacular 270° view of the surroundings when mounted on an object. To be clear, it is no easy task to achieve uniform light mixing on all three sides. It takes an experienced manufacturer to strike a balance between the placement of light sources, luminous output and material properties. Three-side emitting neon flex lights are such a rarity in the market and available in regular B series and A/E/D series.

In light of wide application scenarios, the installation is made simpler. The light is built with a groove design on either side that offers a firm grip. The self-clinching aluminum profile enables a better light transmission effect on the side and save problems like embrittlement to the PC profile when exposed to outdoor conditions.

pendant ceiling with led neon flex

What application should the three-side emitting flex neon best work in?

  • Sculptures & Light Installations

As mentioned above, the triple emitting neon flex enables illumination from three sides, making it the best fit for sculptures and other light installations in a park or art festival. Designers can make the most use of the flexibility of the light by attaching it to the shape of sculptures or other art installations. The adaptability of the light can highlight the contour of the art piece.

Other than the freedom it unlocks in design, the three-side emitting silicone light also thrives in outdoor environments. Put the light installation in a park or public exhibition and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it.

  • Ceiling Light Fixture

Designers can maximize their creativity and make something extraordinary out of the three-side emitting neon for home or office ceiling lights. With a suspension kit, you can turn the light into a stunning art piece in your home or office.

  • Escalator/Handrail/Façade Lighting

The three-emitting light is a perfect choice for handrail lighting. Not only the flexibility highlights the sinuous curve line and creates an inviting look, the even light diffusion improves safety levels and gives people guidance in a shopping mall, train station, etc.

LED Tubes VS Three Side Led Neon Flex

LED tube lights are widely used in light installations and they produce beautiful visuals. There are a wide range of shapes, lengths and diameters in tube lights in order to suit a wide range of applications. They can be hung, suspended or even mounted directly to a flat ceiling surface. But compared to neon flex, there are a few downsides for LED tube lights.

  • Inflexibility

LED tubes are hard and inflexible, setting limits on designers’ imagination and creativity. LED neon flex can be uninstalled more quickly, making it easy to assemble short-term projects.

  • Overheating

LED tube lights require a fraction of the energy used by traditional lighting technologies such as fluorescent to produce the same amount of light, measured in lumens. But still, most LED tube lights in the marketplace are over 12w and have an overheating risk.

  • Dark Spots on Ends

In general, there are dark spots on either end of LED tube lights no matter what the length of the tube.


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