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Buyer’s Guide to Pick the Right LED Channel for LED Strips

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One LED channel could come in a wide variety of sizes and forms. CLEAR offers a wide variety of profiles for LED lighting fixtures for different installations and environments, so users can choose the type he or she needs depending on the situation. This article guides you through all LED strip channel options and the applications that best fit.

Standard Aluminum LED Channel

Aluminum LED profile is used for uplighting that is the most common type of lighting. The LED strip light channel is thick and fracture-resistant.

Standard Aluminum LED Channel

Aluminum LED Diffuser Channel

Aluminum LED Diffuser Channel is available in various heights in order to achieve specific diffusion demands depending on what lighting effect you are looking for. The closer the diffuser is to the light, the brighter and the less diffused the LED light will be. In turn, the further the diffuser to the LED, the less bright and the better diffused the light will be.

The LED diffuser also can be customized as you like it. Generally speaking, the transparent diffuser enables high levels of light transmission up to 95%. The frosted or semi-transparent cover exhibits 85~90% light transmission and milky diffuser transmits 65~70% light. If you want soft and flexible silicone as the diffuser, it will be 70~75% transmission.

Aluminum LED Diffuser Channel

Flange Aluminum Profile

Flange aluminum profile or recessed LED channel is flush to the ceiling or wall, an ideal choice for recessed installation. The flange is designed to help conceal the opening and prevent water ingress. The aluminum channel for led strips is thin and light and can fit the light strip snuggly, saving worry about deforming the light.

recessed LED channel

Serrated Aluminum Channel

Serrated aluminum channel is built for suspension installation or ceiling mount. The internal elastic rack forms a buffer between the light and the profile to protect the flexible light from possible friction damage from during the installation and disassembly process while maintaining a uniform and firm linear clip to the fixture.

The elastic serrated PET tape inside LED light strip channel is stable in nature and remains insusceptible to temperature change, ensuring the light is securely fixed in the channel without worrying about slipping off. When the light is installed up in the ceiling, you want your profile to have a firm grip on the fixture. Because if there is not enough gripping force to hold the light in place, it might fall out of the channel after hanging for a period of time.

Serrated Aluminum Channel

Bendable Serrated Aluminum Channel

Bendable serrated aluminum led profile, inspired from serrated channel above, can hold vertical or horizontal bending lights. You can shape the channel as you like it and it is superb for curve installation.

Bendable Serrated Aluminum Channel

Thickened Plastic Channel

Thickened plastic profile will be a perfect fit for submersible LED lights in a swimming pool or fountain. The linear led profiles have thickened PC extrusion molding to be better at resisting corrosion and stronger clamping force.

Thickened Plastic Channel

316 Stainless Steel Channel

316 stainless steel profile is designed for highly corrosive liquids such as seawater. The inner bulges help secure the light in place.

Thickened Plastic Channel

Hybrid Channel

316 stainless steel profile is designed for highly corrosive liquids such as seawater. The inner bulges help secure the light in place.

Hybrid Profile for three-side emitting lights


Let’s do a quick recap.

  • standard LED aluminum profile for upward lighting
  • serrated aluminum channel for suspended and vertical installation
  • flange aluminum profile for flush mounting
  • thickened plastic profile for long-term submerged neon
  • 316 stainless steel profile for highly-corrosive liquid such as seawater
  • hybrid profile for three-side emitting lights

Apart from these standard offerings, you can get various mounting clips and brackets for specific applications or lighting design requests. We provide a total package lighting solution to help you get their projects off ground as quickly as possible.

Now that picking the right channel is made easier, go ahead and pick one that best suits your project. If you have specific requests for LED channels, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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