LED Media Facade Lighting with DMX Neon Flex Lights

Put on an awesome light show for buildings, stage and live events.



Flexglo™ LED Media Facade Lights are compatible with and can expand the DMX512 protocol signal. With automatic code writing, you can create any desired dynamic lighting effect to your liking by programming on the controller. A variety of light color options are available for you to choose from, including monochrome, dynamic white, RGB and RGBW light colors. 65536 grayscale ensures excellent color intensity, no flickering in low-resolution grayscale and smooth transition, helping meet challenges in different environments. The light series adopts a twoway differential signal and boasts great anti interference and transmission stability, making it perfect for large facades and stage lighting systems.



Silicone encasing gives the flexible light great resistance to UV exposure, which helps diminish light decay and color fading from long-term outdoor use.

Stable Signal

With outstanding anti-interference and transmission stability, the control distance can reach up to 300m without adding an amplifier and terminal matching resistor, making it ideal for facade lighting for large shopping malls.

Auto Code Writing

Automatic code writing allows for fully automatic code identification, distribution, and update of address codes, making it easy to operate and maintain.

16-bit Gray Level

With 16-bit gray level, the light could display as many as 16.77 million colors with smooth transition and no jitters in grayscale.


Mounting Profile