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Everything you need to know before buying in ground lights

Last Updated on 8 months by meredith.wang

In ground lights or well lights are installed in the ground to uplight pathways or driveways, as well as landscaping elements like trees, bushes, and fountains with minimal visibility of the light itself. They are specifically designed for a beautiful unobtrusive view of the landscape design without drawing attention to the fixture. These low profile well lights can add dramatic lighting for public or private space but sometimes things go wrong with an installation or after installation.

4 common problems with in ground lights

In ground LED lights need a lot of planning and consideration to achieve longevity and the right lighting effect. It is important to make sure you have investigated the best ways in getting the most out of your in ground up lights. The style of lighting you want and the type of installation required are fundamental. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing in floor lighting fixtures.

Extreme Temperature

Most floor recessed lights are installed outdoors, which means the luminaires have to withstand outdoor weather influence such as heat and cold. The temperature gap between inside and outside the lighting fixture after long term use causes water vapor, which easily gets into the light and forms water droplets under the glass cover. The hot glass cover could also be a risk for some public areas where people are exposed to it.

Moisture/Water Ingression

Those poorly structured fixtures probably have loose seams on the lens cover, which enables water to leak into the fixture and cause damage to the light source and wiring. Another problem is the risk of flooding when it rains. If the in floor recessed lights are mounted in soil that has poor drainage or no drainage at all, the risk of flooding rises.

Cracks & Breaks

Most led ground lights are not built to withstand being walked on or driven over. However, accidents could happen and the glass lens can crack, break, or shatter if rolled over by a car or vehicle on a driveway or sidewalk. Also, this insufficient pressure load limits areas of applications.

Dark Spots & Shadows

Traditional recessed linear led lighting are designed with glass cover and steel frames around it, which makes the linear lights unable to run continuously and thus creates dark spots and shadows with visible joints and connections.

How CLEAR built-in floor lights inspire more outdoor lighting ideas?

CLEAR inground lights are the best-in-class solution for outdoor in-floor applications including architectural and landscape. These luminaires are designed to elevate the visibility and visual experience on roads, sideways, plazas, parking lots, driveways, and fountains.

Heat Dissipation

The profile is built with an interior cavity to help the heat dissipate evenly and effectively through the structure, which contributes to a longer lifespan of the whole lighting fixture.

Silicone Cover

On top of the profile sits a silicone cover, which adapts to any weather influence such as extreme heat and cold. Beyond that, the silicone material doesn’t compromise the light output and facilitates a uniform light.


The fully encapsulated LED light strips combine with IP68 injection-molded connector and IP67 male and female connectors to keep put water condensation or ingression completely. On top of that, drainage holes at the bottom of the channel are designed to help drain water into the soil.

Pressure Load

The in ground driveway lights are built to be drive over lights or walk over lights that can withstand heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, offering static load up to 10000kg per 0.5m. They are perfect for illuminating a driveway, a garage or a parking area.

Continuous Linear LED Lighting

CLEAR in ground landscape lights can be spliced seamlessly without creating dark intervals or joints, which opens up the floodgate for light designers or planners to come up with modern lighting designs.

In short, CLEAR in ground linear led lights are rated for outdoor use and can endure years of harsh weather and wet conditions, requiring little maintenance and costs. Beyond that, the minimal design and seamless joints between LED linear light strips pave the ground for more creative outdoor lighting ideas.



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