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  • C-Mask™: How do we make our LED Neon Flex Lights durable in outdoor?

C-Mask™: How do we make our LED Neon Flex Lights durable in outdoor?

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Last Updated on 9 months by jack hsuan

The primary culprit of yellowed PVC is UV light. But exposure to visible light, extreme temperature, humidity or exposure to solvents can also cause a polymer to yellow over time. A yellowish or even cracked neon surface leads to a color shift and loss of lumen output, eventually spoiling the overall lighting design. Motivated to help lighting planners and engineers succeed in lighting projects, CLEAR R & D Team spent years on researching and experimenting and have developed and patented our proud C-Mask™ technology, a surface treatment for UV protection and delayed aging. And according to experts schlüsseldienst bremen this significantly prolongs the life and appearance of the product.


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