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Answer Your Most Asked Questions About Pool Lighting

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Pool lighting contributes to pool safety by allowing swimmers to see the water better and also makes it easier to see what is going on around the pool. It also elevates the aesthetics and helps create a great ambiance, thus enabling a joyful swimming experience. In this article, we will tackle the concerns you have about pool lighting.

Are underwater pool lights safe?

Underwater LED pool lights are safe. What you have to do is to confirm the lighting product is qualified for underwater use in terms of waterproof performance, qualification certification, and select compliant parts. Furthermore, make sure you hire an experienced electrician or installer who knows how to strictly follow the specifications during installation.

  • waterproof rating
    Stainless steel, plastic, glass, brass, and aluminum are among the most common materials to provide excellent water-proof performance.
  • low working voltage
    The voltage of standard pool lights is 12V or 24V instead of 36V, meaning that even if an electrical leakage happens in the pool, it will not be harmful to the human body.
  • installation
    To ensure ultimate safety, it is advised that pool lighting fixtures are installed by a licensed professional who is experienced and follows all the protocols.

What Type of Pool LED Light Should I Use?

Most pool LED lights are gaining momentum because of their durability and better energy-efficiency than incandescent and halogen lights. They are also available in a variety of colors, great for creating stunning visual effect. Here we just focus on pool led lighting fixtures that are divided by the installation.

Flush Mount Pool Lights

Flush-mounted pool lights offer a seamless finish as they sit in line with the wall finish of the pool. They don’t stick out so swimmers are less likely to touch or hit them accidentally, thus increasing the risk of damage. The downside of flush mount is surely the extra time and cost that entails because you need to hire someone to carve a niche in the wall.

flush mount pool light

Surface Mount Pool Lights

Surface-mounted underwater pool lights, as the name indicates, sits on top of the interior surface. Unlike flush-mount lights, these fixtures are easier to set up and less costly to fix if there is an issue. With this simple installation comes with the obvious risk of damage. Protruding pool lights are likely to get broken by swimmers.

surface mount pool lights

Battery/Solar Powered Floating Lights

Floating lights are fun and add a playful splash of colors to your pool. They’re powered by the sun or batteries and require placement of batteries when they run out. These pool lights aren’t meant to light up your whole pool but they do a great job of decorating the water.

floating pool lighting

Flood Lights

Flood lights are usually mounted above the ground, for example up in the pole or ceiling in order to light up a large area. These lights often come with high power and high lumen. They can be a great option for a large public pool where ample illumination is required, or for your private pool when you don’t want to deal with underwater pool lights. But if you are looking for ambiance, they might not be the best choice.

swimming pool flood lighting

LED Flex Lights

LED flex lights can circle the pool and prodded illumination for the whole area without producing dark areas and spots. Unlike other traditional pool light bulbs, flex linear lights can run along the shape of the pool, allowing for a more even distribution of light and an elevated aesthetics with RGB colors. With AquaGloTM F22 Underwater Pool Flex Light, we have delivered a number of successful pool lighting projects over the years including the following one in Thailand. Feel free to contact us if you want to elevate the aesthetic side of your pool lighting game.


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