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9 Reasons Why You Should Consider LED Light Strips for RV

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RV camping is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to explore your nation’s natural treasures. But before setting out on the journey, you might want to ensure everything is in place and even do a little upgrade to the vehicle so you can have an upgrade adventure. One of the easiest and first projects you can do is to add a little “light” to your fifth wheel, why not start with the best LED strip lights for RV out there?

What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are flexible circuit boards that feature a collection of small LED lights. These kinds of lights are becoming increasingly popular as they can transform the look of your home, landscape or any other architecture in a quick, and easy way. Wherever you like to install them, there are several advantages to using this type of lighting you should know of.

1. Energy Savings

DIY connectors come in handy when you are not sure about the exact length your projects entail and some adjustment may be required on site. DIY connectors are available in PVC and silicone. Some DIY connectors provide various cable entry, making it easier to join lights seamlessly and place cables. After connectors join light strips, dark spots might appear at the joint. If you worry about the light output, you should consider injection molded connectors. When the length of the light strips is not confirmed, the end of the light strip can be used with DIY tail plugs and others still use injection molded connectors to minimize dark areas. This kind of lighting connectors can be divided into indoor, outdoor and underwater according to different application scenarios.

2. Flexibility in Design and Shape

Perhaps one of the most unique features of LED strip lighting is their flexibility.  With flexible led light strips, the sky is the limit. These strips, as mentioned above, are manufactured out of a flexible circuit board, which allows the light to conform to just about any shape. They can be bent at a 90-degree angle or mounted inside the cove ceiling to create a unique but indirect lighting effect. This flexibility also allows them to light up areas where most traditional lighting fixtures would not fit, for example, under countertop, under kitchen cabinets, and staircase.

3. Easy Installation

Most of the LED light strips come with a self-adhesive backing to ease mounting and installation on various surfaces. This feature favors users who love DIY projects.

4. Cuttable with Varying Length

Reels of LED strips from 1m to 5m are found on the Internet. Should your installation require a specific length of LED strip light, or need you to adjoin varying lengths, you can cut them at clearly marked intervals, using regular household scissors.

5. Longer Life Span

LEDs have an unbelievably long expected life-span, compared to both incandescent and fluorescent lights. With an average service life of 50,000 hours, LED strip lights will be the equivalent of being left on for years and never turning it off.

6. Less Heat Generation

LED strip lights create far less heat than most lights, which makes them safer and least likely to start a fire incident. You can touch and manipulate LED strip lighting while it is lit without worrying about burning your fingers. This advantage can be of great use when you are camping or enjoying outdoor life. You can leave them on all night long, keeping your campsite illuminated and away from danger.

7. Environmental Friendliness

LED strip lights generate no waste except at the end of years of continuous use when you have to replace them. Compared to others types of lighting, you are contributing way less to the landfill that is already running of space. LED light strips that still function can even be sold as used lighting. Their longevity allows for reuse and makes a great choice for going green.

8. Color Options

LED light strip are available in single color, dual colors, RGB colors, RGBW colors and RGB pixel colors. You can get the specific light color to match your vehicle’s or choose the RGB colors to create a festive vibe for a camping party.

9. Ingress Protection Ratings

LED light strip are available in single color, dual colors, RGB colors, RGBW colors and RGB pixel colors. You can get the specific light color to match your vehicle’s or choose the RGB colors to create a festive vibe for a camping party.

IP RatingUsage Guide
IP20Protected against solid objects larger than 12mm, but has no protection at all from water; under plinths and as cabinet lighting, as well as for general backlighting.
IP44fully protected against solid objects larger than 1mm and from light omni-directional splashes of water; all indoor applications and some outdoor ones.
IP65best suited to bathrooms where it might be exposed to water and steam; in the kitchen and outdoors like garden and patio.
IP67fully immersed in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes; all outdoor applications.
IP68swimming pool, ponds and large fish-tanks; indefinite immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5m.

What voltage are LED strip lights for RV?

Many battery-powered vehicles such as RVs and vessels like boats operate at 12V DC, so you can get 12V LED strip lights in your local store or on Amazon, among other e-commerce sites. One of the great things about DC 12v led light strips is that you don’t need additional transformers or power supplies to convert the voltage as you can directly install the lights into the electrical system.

What are low voltage led light strips?

Any voltage below 36V is called low voltage. 36V is our human body’s safe voltage, meaning when a person touches a voltage, it will not pose a risk of electric shock or arc flash to human body. Low voltage LED strip light are available in 5V, 12V and 24V. The most commonly used are 12V and 24V.

12V LED Strip Lights VS 24v LED Strip Lights

12 volt led light strips are widely used for cars, mostly because that the cars have limited space and the 12V light strip is so low profile that you almost don’t notice it exists. Many RV owners want to replace the existing lights with different color temperatures or colorful RGB lights. 12V LED strip lights work perfect for the job. As they are flat and flexible, 12V LED lights save much space for RVs while delivering remarkable lighting.

12V DC LED strip lights are generally more widely used than those operating at 24V. 24 volt led light strips, however, are the better low voltage LED strip lights for longer run installation. For LED strips of the same length and the same LED density, the 12V strip lights drop more voltage than those of 24V.

CLEAR Low Voltage LED Light Strips for RVs and Boats

Whether you’re looking to add some extra light to your boat deck or RV awning, CLEAR’s extensive low voltage led strips get you covered.

  • Reliability

These tough and weatherproof LED strip lights feature a silicone housing, providing superb protection from the elements such as UV rays, vibration resistance, high and low temperatures, and a wide range of common chemicals.

  • Versatile Applications

The silicone also makes the strip light far more flexible, so you can easily shape it to fit your project needs, be it under the gunnels, in cockpit of your boat, inside your tent, or under the chassis of your camper and caravan.

  • Personalization

If you want RGB colors, longer-run, or higher IP ratings, we can make it happen too. 3M VHB adhesive backing comes with led strips in case you plan to install yourself. If you have more specific order request or need a bespoke solution, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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