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7 Types of LED Connectors for LED Light Strips

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Casinos are starting to buy LED strips in order to improve their gaming experience. The strips use less power than traditional lighting and can be more easily changed out when they start to wear out. This is good news for casinos like for example: https://casinosworld.ca/instant-withdrawal-casino/, because it means they will not have to replace as many lights as they used to. Also lots of casinos are starting to buy Connectors for LED strips in order to improve the look and feel of their casinos. Connectors help create a seamless appearance between the casino’s LED strip and the rest of the casino floor. Not only do they add to the look and feel of a casino, but they also help improve gameplay by providing an interactive element. LED strips also have the ability to change colors, depending on the game being played. This can create a more dynamic and exciting gaming experience for players. Casinos that are starting to buy these strips are seeing a positive return on their investment.

LED connectors galore may overwhelm you. The wide variety of connectors not only covers various applications, but strives for perfection in both functionality and aesthetics. The size is getting slimmer and more fool-proof designs are added to prevent misuse and weather conditions from increasing light decay. Connectors are also made to be more user-friendly to install tool-free. All accessories are products of continuous iterations from your pain points.

Customized Connectors

Customized connectors are perfect when you have the exact measurements for your projects and you want to make a continuous fixture. These led light connectors are injection-molded with lights as a whole. Also, they can join led light strips seamlessly, which, in turn, creates a neat and clean look and makes an ideal choice for signage and angle applications. Note that PVC dual injection molded connectors are a little bigger than the other two, making it a lesser choice for seamlessly connecting lights. According to different mold methods, these connectors fall into three categories for different conditions.

Customized Connectors for led light strips

Customized Connectors Waterproof Recommended Environments

PVC Injection-Molded Connector
IP67 wet environments and outdoor use.

Silicone Injection-Molded Connector
IP68 Wet environments, outdoor use and harsh conditions (intensive UV/hot and humidity).

PVC Dual Injection-Molded Connector
IP68 Submerged up to 2m, outdoor use and harsh conditions (excessive pulling on the cable joint)

DIY Connectors

DIY connectors come in handy when you are not sure about the exact length your projects entail and some adjustment may be required on site. DIY connectors are available in PVC and silicone. Some DIY connectors provide various cable entry, making it easier to join lights seamlessly and place cables. After connectors join light strips, dark spots might appear at the joint. If you worry about the light output, you should consider injection molded connectors. When the length of the light strips is not confirmed, the end of the light strip can be used with DIY tail plugs and others still use injection molded connectors to minimize dark areas. This kind of lighting connectors can be divided into indoor, outdoor and underwater according to different application scenarios.

Customized Connectors Waterproof Recommended Environments


indoor and dry environments
Toolless (assembly & disassembly)

IP40 Same as above

Socket Connector
IP65/IP67 Wet/outdoor environments
Toolless (assembly)

Snap Connector
IP67 Same as above
Bail Latch IP68 underwater
Toolless (assembly & disassembly)

1) Swivel Connector & Sleeve Connector

Swivel & sleeve types are built for indoor locations that require no waterproof rating. The swivel connector looks slim and sleek and is easy to install. If the installation area requires higher dust-proof performance, you can switch to the IP40 sleeve connector.

2) Snap Connector & Socket Connector

LED Snap connector and socket connector are IP67 rated, so they can be used outdoor too. The snap connector is simple to assemble and great for various cable exits. Compared with the snap connector, the socket is housed in metal not by a PC cover, so there is no need to worry about embrittlement in outdoor long-term use, and the waterproof rating further enhance reliability. The socket one has a simple structure designed to balance waterproof performance and physical dimension, giving you an extraordinary visual experience.

3) Bail-Latch Connector

The newly developed bail-latch is IP68 waterproof and suitable for underwater projects such swimming pools or water fountains. This new connector for led lights features 3 types of structural design for efficient water tightness and can even be submerged deep to 5m. It’s made of stainless steel, so it won’t have rust problems. The disadvantage is that due to the large size construction workers need to reserve enough space when slotting. At present, only the end-out wiring is available.


In summary, if you know how long the led neon flex runs for your project, go for the customized injection-molded connectors which are durable and can avoid failures caused by improper installation. If your project requires on-site assembly, you can choose a swivel connector & sleeve connector for in-house projects.

But when the ambient environment is humid, or it’s an external application, the snap connector and socket connector are the better choices. And remember that IP68-rated waterproof led strip connectors are designed for pools, water fountains and other underwater projects.

Outdoor accessories are critical to whether light strips can deliver reliable performance outdoors, while indoor accessories are more about ease of use. Over the years, we always uphold the “user first” design philosophy with meticulous attention to detail. We hope that this guide helps you pick the most suitable accessories and deliver successful projects.

Many WoW players purchase different types of LED strips to improve their gaming experience while discovering how echo jailer kill . Some players prefer blue light because it makes the colors appear more vivid, while others find that green light helps them relax and focus on the game. Whatever the reason, there is a wide variety of LED strips available on the market and each one offers its own unique set of features and benefits. World of Warcraft players buy different types of LED strips also to light up their gaming environment. Some players use strips with blue or green LEDs to create a calming or peaceful effect, while others prefer strips with red or yellow LEDs for a more energizing or fun look. Some even purchase RGB (red, green, blue) LED strips so that they can individually control each color.


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