2-in-1 Symmetrical Lighting​

Crafted to get your brand recognized at once with double-face domed contour lighting.


320° Glow Outdoor LED Sign Light

Bi-domed neon flex is a 2-in-1 new type of sign light, featuring a pioneering shape owning two back-to-back domed emitting surfaces in one piece, steered towards lighting up your sign clearly at a 320° beam angle and maximizing the attention of masses in more than one direction. At night it becomes a powerful tool to emphasize your brand image as billboard or wall sign lighting. The symmetrical lighting can also suit your needs for a two-way striking illumination layout, in an easier way to highlight the stereo visions of sculptures or run two-side continuous façade wall washing.


320 degree beam angle for sign backlighting
320° Beam Angle

The glow emitted nearly forms a 360° shape, together with the optimum luminous efficacy dually leveraged by ClearTech V-Optic™, which contributes to a dramatic  visual impact for billboard signs at a great distance.

Long-lasting Performance

Lifespan is more than 50000 hours, suitable for outdoor environments in a high or  low temperature. The long-lasting bright LED light in vivid color helps you to grab more customers to come in when applied to storefront signs.

Half Labor Costs

It can realize continuous two-way running illumination only with one piece of light that used to be generated by the doubled lights. The bi-domed neon flex enables you to cut down the number of luminaires and further on the labor cost due to half of the wiring job compared to the regular led signage lights or wall washing lights.


bi-domed led sign lighting fixture

Mounting Profile


wooden wall sign lighting at night
outdoor sculpture lighting in park