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Webinar-Enlightened by Awarded Projects

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We’re honored and thrilled to have some winners of Spark Awards in 2021 join this webinar as the guests. They’ll dig into the features of projects and reconstruct how they fit the demand of lighting designers integrated with CLEAR products.

Contact us for getting the register link if you’re interested in this topic. It’s a rare opportunity for you to acquire experience rapidly in lighting projects focus on LED flex linear!

It is the second year that we carry out this activity. Gladly, we received more enthusiastic responses than ever. There’s no chance to experience the glamour of LED flex linear displayed in various scenarios without your generous sharing! Every project collected is unique and inspiring and deserves to spread broadly across our social channels to benefit more people, and here’re the winners selected among them. Likewise, the details of these projects will be elaborated on individually in the subsequent newsletter.


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