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LED Flex Linear Light with flat lighting surface express the feeling of simple and elegant. Different bending directions bring more possibility in lighting design. The flat lighting surface series is suitable for embedded installation, and is welcomed in facade, hotel, and commercial lighting fields.

Size: W (mm) * H (mm)
9*18       11.5*21       16*17       10*10
Domed lighting surface "enlarged" the light emitting area. Colorful housing/jacket make it perfectly match with the installation environment. Domed lighting surface series is widely used in entertainment, signage, and landscape lighting fields.

Size: W (mm) * H (mm)
11.5*26       11.5*29
CLEAR flexible LED strip light has special lens designed to achieve high brightness and color uniformity. Transparent, white, black jacket optional, and even the lighting surface can be made to frosted appeal and make the lighting spots invisible.

Size: W (mm) * H (mm)
High quality and reliable accessory is the key point for the projects' durability and future maintenance especially in outdoor installation. CLEAR paid huge efforts in developing and upgrading the accessories.
Variety of profiles are designed for different installation circumstance. Suitable profiles will play a role of protection and make the beauty of light fully displayed.

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