The smart dimming product always provide the suitable color tone and brightness adapting to the moment without flickering. It makes you feel like being bathed in the dusk to follow the rhythm of relaxation, which blends well with various places such as the lobby, open-air dining room, bar, recreation area, reception, club, etc. where people require the superior dimming performance, even in outdoor.

Lighting Solutions

Dim to Warm

Touch and get the pure warm tone at once

Synchronous change in CCT and intensity
Warm white only
Hassle-free control

Precise Dynamic White

Rectify and set the tone at specific levels

Independent control on CCT and intensity
Dynamic warm white and cool white are available
Preset decrement and increment for adjustment 

Fine Dimming

Compose the particular tone beyond the white color

 Asynchronous change in CCT/color and intensity
R/G/B/W selectable
Jitter-free deep dimming

Controlling System