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Nov,2015 E-newsletter

CLEAR Lighting at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 27–30 October 2015 Organized by The HKTDC and held at the HKCEC , the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) is the largest autumn lighting fair in Asia, which has attracted a large number of exhibitors across the globe. CLEAR’s booth was located in 5E-J34. There was a "A" poster, which gave a simple introduction of CLEAR. At the other places, different applications of the flex neon light were displayed as well. Especially the application of the injection molding connectors, it makes the connection of the lights more tightly. For some application, it can even achieve seamless connection visually. At the same time, we have also displayed some brand new products, such as Nichia CCT Dynamic White CLEAR’s booth 5E-J34 has attracted a lot of new and old customers, because of the high quality of product. Thank you very much for your visits, also many thanks to you for good suggestions and requirements for our products. CLEAR, as a trustable partner, will continue to improve our products and innovate in them.

Welcome to visit our booth: 5E-J34

We will participate in HK international Lighting Fair 2015.Welcome to visit our booth at 5E-J34.

Aug,2015 Newsletter

There are 3 sections: 1. Purple LED to Replace Blue LED? (Quote from http://www.ledinside.com/news/2015/8/purple_leds_to_replace_blue_leds) 2. CLEAR Summer Holiday in Easter Hawaii


All of the FAQ is divided into four parts :

Part 1  for Product Function 

Part 2 for Application

Part 3  for Certification and Patent 

Part4  for Order and After-sales


Part 1  for Product Function 

1.        How to control RGB ribbon light?

RGB ribbon lights support for PWM dimming. The controller needs to match with RGB ribbon light working DC24V voltage. RGB ribbon light shall connect to a DMX decoder when under DMX control.


2.        What are the advantages to powering ribbon light from both ends?

Advantages: By powering from two ends can continuously runmax length and reduce voltage drop and make the brightness more even and uniform each part.


3.        Why is there difference between rated power and practical consumption like 10m ribbon light power less than 10 x 1m power?

The circuit impedance result in voltage drop which increased, and corresponding current and power decreased with increasing light length, so continuously running 10m power is less than 10 x 1m ribbon light power.  


4.        How to warrant the light uniformity.

A.     All batches ribbon lights are controlled within 5-Step Macadam Ellipses and the same batch ribbon lights are narrow within 3-Step Macadam Ellipses. Our technology is industry-leading.

B.     Strictly LED Bin control: the led bins of all batches are controled within 5-Step Macadam Ellipses and the same batch leds are narrow within 3-Step Macadam Ellipses. Our LED source suppliers are domestic prestigious large LED manufacturers.


5.        Are they LED string lights or FPC lights? Are they connected by manual welding?

All FPCB lights are 100% completed by automatic machine like SMD machine, PCB automatic welding machine.


6.        What are their IP protection rates?

Our ribbon lights installed with IP65 or IP68 accessoriescan achieve corresponding IP protection rate. Please refer to our specifications and TUV-IP68 test report.


7.        Are they UV resistance?

After 1000 hours UV radiation test, our ribbon lights PVC were just slightly yellowing, and the gray level only increase one grade (Ref.UV resistance test report). UV resistance is no rate in itself. The practical application situation shall be evaluated at their own stance according to test report.


8.        How to define the products lifetime and how long are their lifetime?

When use properly and correctly in accordance to related technical documents like specification, product lifetime is no less than 5 years.Lifetime Definition:

A.     Within 5 years, the color temperature and color shift scope are within industry profession recognition.

B.     Within 5 years, the LEDs shallnot break out.

C.     Within 5 year, IP protectionrate shall not reduce, such as IP rate and safety performance.

Part 2 for Application 

9.        Can the stated IP68 ribbon lights be used under water?

We are one of very few manufactures possessed both integration and DIY two kinds of IP68 accessories. We claimed IP68 protection ribbon lights can be workable under water and shall meet the following requirements:

A.     The ribbon light shall not beinstalled in water depth over 1m.

B.     All accessories shall be strictly assembled correctly and properly to achieve IP68 rate according to instruction manual.

C.     Application environment temperature: Must be within -20~45℃, and there shall no large frequent temperature variation in a short period.

D.     Fit for long-term applicationof neutral water, such as swimming pool.

E.      Forbid to use under strong corrosion conditions to metal and PVC, such as excess acidic, alkaline,containing phenol organic solvents etc..

F.      And do not use long time underweak corrosion conditions, such as seawate

10.     Is it suitable for swimming pool?

Yes, it is. Please refer to “Swimming Water Chlorine Resistance Test Report”.


11.     Whether is applicable forboats (yacht)?

It can be used inside of boats (yacht). For exposure of the ribbon light to seawater using, it need to regularly check and replace accessories. Because seawater contains high solubility salts and is weak alkaline, which have corrosive action to metal. Please refer to “Salt spraytest report”. 


12.     Whether is applicable forpower fluctuation conditions, for instance in automobile, yacht?

Yes. Our products divided into two categories: Constant Voltage(CV) and Integrated Constant Current (ICC).

ICC ribbon lights can work in constant current within DC20V~26V input;


13.     Is it suitable for outdoorusing and what kind of condition required?

They are suitable for outdoor using because of IP68 accessories and UV resistance and flame resistance of PVC. But be careful the following operating environment:

A.     The ribbon light shall not be installed in water depth over 1m.

B.     The application environment temperature shall not exceed -20~45℃.

C.     Operate in an atrocious environment free environment. Corrosive, combustion, strong mechanical pressure environment will accelerate aging and degrade water resistance.


14.     Can the ribbon light beused in high temperature condition?

After a high-low temperature cycling impact tests in a -20~60℃ temperature and humidity chamber (60℃ 17 hours on & -20℃ 7 hours off,total 104 hours), the ribbon lights every performance are still in good condition. Considering their life time, we do suggest to use in -20~45℃ otherwise it will reduce its reliability and accelerate aging.(Ref. Lo-Hi temp. impact rest report)  

Part 3  for Certification and Patent 

15.     Consistent with what certifications?

CE and UL verification;

RoHS and Reach compliant;

TUV IP68 & IK08 test report, TUV flame resistance testreport, etc.


16.     Do products patentprotect?

We obtain the most 69 patents in this filed. Different ribbon lights and accessories adopt different patent design.



Part4  for Order and After-sales


17.     What is the warranty?

3 years warranty for FPCB products and 2 years warranty forstring products. Please refer to specification for detail warranty items.


18.        What’s the MOQ? Why? What case can reduce the MOQ? 

We divide products into LED string light and FPC ribbon light. The MOQ of LED string light is 500M / type, the MOQ of FPC ribbon light is 200m / model. Special small project requirement can be consulting with sales manager.


19.     Whether can provide freesamples?

Twinkling Club memberships can enjoy free sample of new products.


20.     Payment terms?

Sample order: 100% before delivery.

Regular orders: 50% prepayment, 50% before delivery.

L/C: Over USD10, 000 value orders accept payment by L/C at sight.


21.     Lead time?

LED string light: 20~25 working days (the factory practical production schedule shall prevail)

FPC ribbon light: 15~18 working days (the factory practical production schedule shall prevail)


22.     Production capacity?

We estimated production capacity by the end of 2013 for reference (Without considering other external factors).

LED string light capacity: 650,000 meters; FPCB ribbonlight capacity: 1,500,000 meters



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